The project is created as part of the integrated studio focused on Co-working space and CLT construction. 
We recognized the active use of the site by the community and thus wanted to create a gathering space on the ground floor. The building forms the space creating front and back plazas. The auditorium spans above the two rectangular bodies creating an iconic image of the building recognizable from afar. 
Finally, the facade shows the building program on the outside and reflects the use of natural materials in the construction through wooden louvers.
The project was done in a group of two. The other group member is Shu Xin.

Project Restrictions

Site Plan

Main Concept: Ground Floor

Main Concept: Facade

Building Program

Building Circulation

First Floor Plan

Collaboration Space in the Ground Floor

Cafe Entrance

Courtyard and Egress Stairs

Second Floor Plan

Collaboration Space in the Second Floor

Third Floor Plan

Fourth Floor Plan


Longitudinal Section Co-Working

Longitudinal Section Community Building


Facade Concept

Unrolled Plan with Elevations

View from the River

Structure Concept

Systems Concept

Facade Construction

Facade Detail: Foundation

Facade Detail: Base

Facade Detail: Floor-Facade Connection

Facade Detail: Roof

Facade Detail: Cantilever Bottom

Facade Detail: Cantilever Top

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