Lesson 5

Children and Science is a Russian educational platform that provides free online courses to high-schoolers on STEM subjects. I worked with the chemistry course director and developed pages for the full course of non-organic chemistry and provided written materials and images for the self-study video course.
My task was to organize the provided information on pages clearly and concisely, which allowed for maximum retention by the student. The use of colors and typography subdivide and classify the information. The images were also developed specifically for this course to demonstrate all the described chemical processes.
All the pages can be found on the childrenscience.ru website. Below are some examples of the final pages.
Note: the content on the pages is mostly in Russian, as it is a Russian website that is maintained primarily in Russian. One page is in English as it was part of the attempt to localize the courses in English.

Lesson 3: English Version

Lesson 7

Lesson 10

Lesson 15

Part of the work was also the development of a mobile version of the platform. Several pages were adapted to mobile screens to demonstrate the principles that can be applied to all pages in the two courses I designed. Below are two examples of this adaptation.

Lesson 14: Desktop Version

Lesson 14: Mobile Version

Lesson 25: Desktop Version

Lesson 25: Mobile Version

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